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This poem is often wrongly thought to be by Robert W Service. It is published here to the memory of Hugh Antoine D'Arcy, its rightful father.
An Evening with the Bard of the Yukon, July 18 th 2003 at 20.30pm in the Town-Hall of Lancieux, Brittany.
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My Vices

Published by Webmaster on 07/30/2003 (4124 reads)
When I am sad I cannot sin,

My Vices

When I am sad I cannot sin,
    But when my heart's aflame
It's then I see the devil grin
    And point to paths of shame.
When I am sick I have no urge
    To break Commandments Ten,
But when I am with life a-surge
    I mock the laws of men.

When in December cold I pine
    I follow folks to church;
But when Spring kindles in the vine
    I leave them in the lurch.
When ailing oh how good I am,
    But when I'm fighting fit,
For morals I don't care a damn,
    And that's the truth of it.

When as with lusty force I sing
    Of women, wine and mirth
I wonder if my transgressing
    Is not just joy of earth?
And though I sail with even keel
    I think it's rather hell
To practice virtue when I feel
    So dangerously well.

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