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At the Hommage to Robert W. Service, Lancieux, France, 13 July 1990.

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This poem is often wrongly thought to be by Robert W Service. It is published here to the memory of Hugh Antoine D'Arcy, its rightful father.
An Evening with the Bard of the Yukon, July 18 th 2003 at 20.30pm in the Town-Hall of Lancieux, Brittany.
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Published by Webmaster on 09/06/2003 (108177 reads)
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All Entries 2002

The RWS Guest Book Archived.

Frank K Molloy 10-26-2002 I logged on to find out what 'spread misere' means and see that Tom Ringley asked the same question only a few days ago - anybody have any ideas yet? My old man (God rest his soul) used to do McGrew at family get-togethers.

Esme Lyon 10-26-2002 I have been a fan of his work for many years and my Mother was before me. I live on Vancouver Island and I believe he stopped here awhile, worked and moved on. There is a cairn to his memory near Duncan, B.C., here on the Island. His words evoke a tearful response at times, laughter at others, they are that powerful.

Paul Springthorpe 10-16-02 My favourite poem is "The Volunteer". I'm sixty one years of age and owned the collected verses of Robert Service since 1951. The book is well worn and much loved. I love some types of poetry but Robert Service has been an inspiration to me and while we have some great Australian poets, Robert Service will always be the one that planted the seed of poetry in my soul. I love all of his work, It's just a pity he is not so well known out of Canada.

Chris Benton 10-14-02  What a wonderful site!!! My dad read Service to us when we were children. I believe the ones read most often were The Cremation of Sam McGee and the Shooting of Dan McGrew. Like many others, I can also recite these classics. I have to say that The Cremation of Sam McGee holds the most sentiment for me; however, I believe The Wonderer and The Junior God are my favorites. I have visited this site many times and truly enjoy reading the comments people have written. I wish that I would have found this site while my father was still alive, I know he would have really enjoyed it. GREAT JOB on this site!! Thank you.

M. B. Nelson 10-13-02 A friend of mine told me about Mr. Service and read some of his poems to me. The web site is really helpful to come to know about Robert W. Service

Tom Ringley 10-12-02 Really like your sight. Have question for the experts. In "The Shooting of Dan McGrew", there is the line, "I guess I'll make it a spread misere". What exactly does that mean? Thought I was rather a literary fellow, but recited the poem the other day and someone asked me what "spread misere" was and I have to confess I stumbled a bit. Does anyone have a good definition, explanation, etc. Thanks.

Walter L. McNabb 10-6-02 I first heard a Robert Service poem when my family and I flew into Fairbanks AK.  My dad just got stationed up at Ft. Greely AK and Alaska Airlines had played it on the flight in.  We fell in love with Larry Beck's recitals of Mr. Service's prose.  My parents had bought three albums.  Robert Service Recites and Larry Beck Recites Robert Service Vols. I & II.  In a search for Larry Beck's Vol. I I had come across this site.  It's is an awesome tribute to Mr. Service.  I thank you for taking the time to put together such a well thought of site.  I do have a request of those who may read this.  I'm looking for a copy of Larry Beck Recites Robert Service Vol. I.  If any one knows where I can get a copy please email me.  Thanks again for your effort.  Really a beautiful site.  :D

Lee Schneidermann. 9-22-02. Having served in the army in alaska many years ago it would seem i've been hooked my whole adult life.

Chesney Nash 9-14-02. I started listening to Robert Service poems on my Grandpas knee an never stopped enjoying them.

Tom Cohen 9-11-02 I'm a journalist researching a story on Robert Service. Any theories or thoughts on the enduring popularity of his writing would be appreciated. I think it's a combination of the passion for the subject matter and the cadence of the verse.

Anthony J. Vallone 9-6-02 To a fellow hostage to fortune, who made me actually enjoy reading poetry.

Roby McHone 9-1-02 About 20 years ago my wife and I drove from Fairbanks to Dawson City YT. While there we were befriended by a nice local lady who was showing us around. I mentioned that I needed to trade some US $ to CDN $. She led me to a small Bank on the edge of the Yukon River and told me to go in there and go to the second teller window to exchange my money. When I came out, she said that I had just banked at the window where Robert Service was a teller when he was there.....amazing.

BB 8-30-02 While horsing around with the internet, I happened to think of Robert Service and his great poems. I typed in, "Robert Service," and lo and behold, this web site popped up. It is really a joy to have this great material at my fingertips. I have read most of Service's poems many times, and both of his autobiographies. He was a wonderful man and his poems reflect a greatness which is absent in most of the high falutin junk that passes for poetry these days, and which almost nobody reads. Thanks for the chance to post this.

Sheri 8-28-02 Robert Service was an amazing man with an exceptional talent, a talent which is not so common anymore, may we celebrate with life for eternity!

BM 8-13-02 R.W.Service gave the most heart warming & heart breaking portrayals of humanity, rendered with captivating rhyme & rhythm - Truly the Mozart of literature!

JP 8-8-02 I never appreciated poetry until I read Robert Service. He's the best. Being from the Yukon, I can easily relate to all his poetry of the north... some of it will pull your heartstrings.

IW 8-8-02 I hosted a Dinner Dance with a McGonagall theme in Tighnabruaich on Saturday 3rd August 2002. It was so successful that already the guests are asking what's to be next.

I've decided to hold a Robert Service Dinner Dance in March 2003. Any tips will be appreciated.

JR 8-7-02 Service has always been my favorite poet ever since my Dad recited several of his works to me from memory. In his way, he embodies the values of hard work, heroism and rugged individualism in verse that my favorite author Heinlein does in prose. Robert W. Service's verse is inspiring, thought provoking, and always a joy to read.

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